Second chance for Nioh Demo



In case you missed it the first time, Koei Tecmo’s upcoming highly anticipated Samurai RPG, Nioh, will get a second chance to impress with the newly announced beta demo which will run from August 22nd until September 6th, after which access for the game will deactivate.

The beta follows the overwhelming successful Alpha demo which was released in April and will feature more intense and rewarding gameplay. New challenges will await players who ventured deeper into the underworld of Nioh and in turn find a new way to conquer deadly foes; with more weapons like a new hand-cannon which allows human and YoKai to be taken down with one shot, along with a new selection of Katana, Spears, axes, and hammers. The demo also feature new locales such as a new Dojo stage which will teach players the basic of the game’s fast-paced combat system. Players will also be able to explore soon-to-be-announced stages, in addition to the new key stage featured earlier in the alpha demo.

Koei Tecmo also announced part of the story; which will focus Loosely on the tale of the first Western Samurai, William Adams, who will face a myriad of strange supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore (YoKai). William will not be alone and his Adventure, as he will be accompanied by a diverse cast of characters who will assist him through his travels across Japan. This includes legendary Hanzo Hattori, the head of a ninja Clan retained by Ieyasu Tokugawa, who will serve as Williams guide through the country. This also includes Hanzo’s cat, who is possessed with the long living spiritual Guardian Nekomata, and will provide Williams with a strong knowledge of Supernatural and history of the land.

Koei Tecmo also released some new screenshots for the game which you can view in the gallery below.