Second Call of Duty WWII Beta adds more content

We have another Call of Duty WWII beta coming this weekend and Sledgehammer has announced that there will be a few new features which includes new maps and modes.

During a Playstation livestream, Sledgehammer’s COO Michael Condrey and multiplayer system designer Greg Reisdorf revealed “Aachen”a new medium-sized map set in a war-torn, Nazi-occupied town. They also announced a new level cap, new scorestreaks, uniforms and weapons, which included the M1A1 Carbine, a three-shot low-recoil weapon.

Some gameplay tweaks will also be occurring based on the feedback from the first beta weekend. Team Deathmatch will now have a kill cap of 100, while kills in domination will grant players 100 points. The studio has also fixed some loading and hit marker issues.

This is the last weekend for the Call of Duty Beta, which will run from September 1st – 4th. This beta will also be open to both PS4 and Xbox One users who pre-ordered the game.