RWBY Grimm Eclipse exits Early Access on July 5th

If you’re at RTX in Austin, you’re probably really excited to hear more news on their hit CGI-Anime show RWBY. Yesterday, the team behind RWBY showed off some new footage of the upcoming Volume 4, including new costume designs, new Grimm, and a October release date for the upcoming fourth season.

While there is a long wait till October, we will have something RWBY related (aside from the comedic RWBY CHIBI sketches) to hold us over, as Rooster Teeth games has confirmed a July 5th release date for the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse game for Steam.

RWBY-GE had been in early access since December 2015, since then the development team has worked on improving the game’s combat and features to bring a well rounded game. The full release promises to add more levels, enemies and completes the tale of the game’s unique badguy; Dr. Merlot and his mutated Grimm.

You can purchase the game now for 50% during the Steam Summer Sale, which the game is priced at $9.99 USD ($10.99 CAD), after which the game will boost back in up in price at $24.99.  Purchasing the Early Access version will automatically give you access to the full release on July 5th.

The Rooster Teeth Games team has also mentioned that they will continue to support the game with new content and characters, hinting at the possibility of adding the fan favourite team JNPR. There were also hints at a Console release later in the year with more details coming soon.