RWBY: Grimm Eclipse coming to PS4 and Xbox One early next year

It has been no secret that Rooster Teeth games was looking to bring their team based brawler based on their hit 3D-Anime series RWBY to consoles, however the team had officially confirmed that RWBY Grimm Eclipse will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in early 2017.

The announcement comes just after an accidental release on the UK Playstation Network, in which an early build of the game was made available (at an incorrect price) for a short amount of time. Sony UK had promised to refund players who picked up the early version and have since removed it from the store.

RWBY Grimm Eclipse is a 4-player team brawler inspired by the Dynasty Warriors series and Left 4 Dead, taking place in between Season 2 and 3 of the web series and features new Grimm and characters. The game left Early Access earlier this year and had a content update in October in which added a Horde Mode bonus mode and made Team JNPR available for DLC.

RWBY Volume 4 is currently at the mid-season and be watched at Rooster Teeth’s Website.