Rumour: Microsoft’s New Xbox One S Leaked

Xbox One Slim Leak 2Even before Microsoft’s official press conference at E3, news has already been spreading about the company’s newest version of the Xbox One, known as the Xbox One S.

The console’s existence was leaked on the NeoGAF forums with an image of it, along with some specifications. According to the leak, the Xbox One S will be 40% smaller than its predecessor, have a 2TB hard drive, and will support 4k video and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The console will also come with a vertical stand and a new “streamlined controller”. To top it all off, the Xbox One S and its controller will additionally sport a new design in white.


The release date for the console is believed to be within a few months, though Microsoft will most likely gives us an official release date, along with more details, later today at E3.