Rumour: 2006 Dead Rising coming to PS4 via Leaked Trophies


Leaked Trophies and early ESRB ratings are usually a good places if you’re looking to start a rumour. Earlier today, a list of leaked trophies from suggest that the 2006 Xbox 360 exclusive, Dead Rising, will be coming to PS4.

Capcom has yet to announce the project. The Dead Rising series hasn’t had its luck on the Sony platforms as the original installment and the series third entry did not see the light of day on the Playstation, however the second and its “What If…” scenario title “Off The Record” was released on multiple platforms. The latest entry, Dead Rising 4, was announced at E3 this year as a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and PC.

Of course without the confirmation of Capcom on this project, the game will be listed as a rumour and we will update when/if we get confirmation.