Rumor: Leaked Hololens Details


A video had briefly appeared on Youtube by Bruce Harris, a Microsoft employee, who was talking about the yet to be release Hololens augmented reality head set.  While the video was taken down pretty much right away, reports of it stated there were a few interesting details.

The battery life appears to be about five and half hours when running non-intensive programs like Office, but will only have a little over two hours when running more complex things such as a game.  This is pretty decent for something that’s completely battery operated, unlike full-on VR kits.

The apparent FOV (Field of View)  is comparable to having a 15″ monitor about a foot away from your face. There are also mentions of it being able to connect to just about anything with bluetooth or WiFi. The first iteration would be offered in English only.

With the developer kits costing over $3,000, they are still very much out of reach for any normal customer to try out.  Many people speculate Hololens will not have much game support anyway, as there is far more use in other industries for such tech such as the medical and engineering fields.  Augmented reality is a far different experience than VR, and it will be interesting to see where Microsoft goes with the tech once they start officially confirming things.