Rooster Teeth’s “Million Dollars But…” Card Game funded in 2 minutes!


It’s no secret that the cast and crew are fans of Rooster Teeth Productions (Red vs Blue, RWBY), one of our favourite shows has to be “Million Dollars But…” Which consists of asking the members of the team if they would do something ridiculous for a Million Dollars. The Show covered themes such as “A Million Dollars, but you have to lick every dollar you spend,” or “A Million Dollars, but every time you hear a dog bark, you poop a little.”

It’s a simple idea but can be a blast to create scenarios for your friends to see what they will and will not do for money. While anyone with a creative mind can play the game, for everyone else, there’s the newly announced “Million Dollars But…” Card game that was created on kickstarter yesterday. Rooster Teeth is currently looking for $10,000 to fund the game and with 28 days to go, they have funded over (at the time of this writing)  4,911% of that goal.

Wait… It’s completely funded! Good job people, we can all go home now!

In fact, the game reached it’s original $10,000 goal in less than 2 minutes. The game itself is played similar to Card Against Humanity, in which players create a scenario based on 4 black cards and 4 gold cards. The scenarios are handed to the judge which are read out loud, players can then downplay or glorify the scenario, the judge will then choose which of the scenarios they absolutely would not do for a million dollars.

No stretch goals has been put in place for the game as of this writing. However if you want to secure your copy and help raise the amount earn, head over to the Kickstarter page.