Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII trailer shows there is more than one way to win wars

There will be more than one way to win a war in the upcoming Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, as Koei Tecmo released 3 new trailers showing some of the more political aspects of the strategy game as Battles are not won completely on brute force, it takes careful planning and development, this is the introduction to the game’s Bonds and Civic Development system.

With the Civic Development system, players will have the chance to improve their kingdom. The system allows the development of Commerce, Farming and Culture, which give various boosts to the army in both strength and loyalty. Economic and development decisions made are then presented to the Officers, prompting them to share their views, and point out the merits and faults of a given strategy before the player makes a final decision.

All of this leads to the next aspect of Romance’s game, the Bonds system, which will allow players to attain allies and influence other warlords. Romance’s Relationship Chart will rate the player’s relations with historic figures, indicating whether the relationship is positive or negative, which will help with aid in tight situations, as well as credibility in Debates.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII is currently set for a July 5th release for PS4 and PC.