Rocky Horror Picture Show: Touch Me! seeks funding via Kickstarter

I never once thought I’d see the day when I could write about Rocky Horror Picture Show, arguably one of the most popular musicals (stage and film) in the world whether you love it or hate it, as a video game. So I have some thanks to Rocket Lolly Games for giving me this opportunity.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Touch Me! is a free-to-play dance game based on the popular musical that offers a tantalizing twist on the rhythm action experience for mobile devices. Now before you shiver with antici…


…pation for the game’s release. Developers Rocket Lolly Games is looking to reach $35,000 minimum funding via Kickstarter to for help in development.

“We think it’s essential for a license as loved as The Rocky Horror Show to have as much input as possible from the community – both games players who love mobile and dance games, as well as fans of the original theatre show,” said Ella Romanos, co-director of Rocket Lolly Games. “We need the community’s help and support to make sure we make the best possible game.”

To help reach the development goals, the team has collected an incredible range of collectable merchandise from both the game itself and the original theatre show as funding tier bonuses which includes t-shirts, posters, a digital ‘making-of’ booklet, mugs, tea-towels, and a limited edition vinyl recording of Richard O’Brien’s original demo-tape used to pitch the show back in 1973.


At the $15 tier, you’ll get to beta test the game, granting you access to all the launch content before anyone else and get to keep it at no additional charge. Or if you’re feeling rich and want to be a “sweet transvestite from transsexual transylvania”, you’ll be able to appear in the game at the game’s highest tier of $10,000 dollars.

“It’s been an incredible privilege to work on this project so far. We’ve had an amazing reaction from other game developers and players and, of course, fantastic people like David and Stephanie Freeman of  Timewarp UK – the official UK Rocky Horror fan club, and noted Rocky Horror historian  Larry Viezel,” said Oscar Clark, Rocket Lolly Games co-director. “The encouragement has been almost overwhelming; a real merging of gamers and Rocky fans. We hope to tap into the millions of Rocky fans worldwide, as well as dance and mobile game players in order to really make this Kickstarter and the final game a success.”


If you’re a fan of this series and can’t wait to take a “step to the left and a swipe to the right” then head over to their Kickstarter page for more information and start funding.

(We don’t apologize for the bad Rocky Horror Picture Show puns.)