Rocksmith goes Unplugged with the latest patch!

There was a bit of a surprise when I loaded my PS4 this morning, as Rocksmith 2014 Edition had a new patch. Patches for Rocksmith are rare but whenever it’s done, there is usually an awesome new feature added in, and this time the Update included Microphone mode, which will allow Acoustic Guitar Players to play Rocksmith 2014 without the requirement of a Pickup for the Real Tone Cable.

“Electric guitar is awesome,” Dan Amrich, Community Developer at Ubisoft’s Studio SF stated in a recent blog post about the update, “but it really only tells half the story. Millions of guitarists choose to play acoustic guitar, whether it be for stylistic reasons, genre reasons, even “that’s the guitar my family already owns” reasons. And hey, there’s also a reason so many bands went “unplugged” in the 90s – there’s no substitute for the unique feeling and sound of an acoustic guitar. It’s an entirely different way to play.”

The Microphone mode is simple, but requires a little bit of trial and error to set up. All that an Acoustic Guitar owner needs to do is hook up their USB enabled Microphone, point it towards the Guitar and play, the game will pick up the notes that played and continue to tell you what you got right, and change your difficulty as you improve. Going in to Microphone mode will disable the Authentic Tones, but this will just keep the song playing as an Acoustic and not have the distortion or special effects that you’d hear from the original song.

This isn’t the only new thing with the update as changes to the Guitarcade and tuning has been tweaked, as well as the introduction to the Disconnected mode, which will allow you to attempt to learn the song without being judged by the game.

Rocksmith 2014 Remastered came out in October, an updated version of the 2014 edition of the game, since it’s release the team at Ubisoft SF has released a constant update of DLC instead of requiring players to purchase a new edition every year. The latest DLC pack to launch was a Creedence Clearwater Revival 3 pack which featured “Fortunate Son”, “Proud Mary” and “Bad Moon Rising.”