Rock Band 4 PC Edition adds the ability to buy all the DLC for $2,500


Harmonix is currently undergoing a crowdfunding event to bring their hit band simulator, Rock Band 4, to PC via Fig. While Harmonix has done well transferring the game’s various DLC from each new Rock Band title, if the PC edition is released, players will have to download all the songs once again for a price.

Because of this, Harmonix has opened up a new tier in their Fig campaign, priced at $2,500. With this tier award, players will be able to get all available DLC up to the game’s launch, with an estimate 2000 songs available (a number which fluctuates due to licensing agreements which may force Harmonix from selling specific songs.)

The collectors tier does hold a significant discount, as to purchase the 2000 songs as singles at $1.99 a piece in the Rock Band Store can cost up to $4,000 dollars. At the time of this writing, Harmonix is at $511,671 into their $1.5 Million dollar goal, with 11 days left in the campaign.