Resogun comes to PS3 and Vita later this month


Resogun, the Defender-like space shooter from Housemarque, originally launched as a Launch title for the PS4 in November of last year with Playstation Plus subscribers being able to get the game up to the first year. Later this month it will be making the jump to the PS3 and Vita consoles thanks to Climax studios.

Some notable changes that the PS3 and Vita version of the game will run at 30 FPS, and will feature ad-hoc cooperative multiplayer as well the ability to customize controls in order to use the system’s touch panel options on the Vita.

Resogun will feature Cross-Save and Cross-Buy capabilities, so players who already have the game on PS4 will be able to enjoy the fast pace action on PS3 and Vita free of charge, everyone else will have to drop $14.99 when the game launches on December 17th.