Resident Evil 7 Gamescom trailer released

Since its announcement at the Sony E3 Showcase a couple of months ago, fans have been trying to figure out the mysteries of Resident Evil 7’s new direction. The game has taken a dramatic shift from a 3rd person action/horror game to a First Person Survival game in which Capcom has promised to return to their roots (evident by the amazing Zero Hour demo released… Editors note: Did we ever find out what that finger is for?)

With Gamescom at full steam, we’re finally getting some information about the game and that is thanks to some new screenshots and a trailer released today. In the trailer we’re introduced to¬†introduced to Marguerite Baker and a mysterious female player character as she hides from her pursuers.

The trailer gives us a look at what appears to be an Underground location of the Barker Plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana. It is an unsettling location in which the new protagonist attempts escape from that will make Horror fans feel right at home with. Capcom has stated that the trailer was edited to avoid spoilers, however this is content that we will see in the main game.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard is currently set to release on January 24th 2017 for PS4 and PC, and will be completely playable with the Playstation VR.


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