Resident Evil 7 collector edition has been announced!

Over the past decade collector’s edition of games have gotten bigger and crazier, for the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7 Capcom has gone all out with their collector edition for the game, which includes an 8 inch replica mansion from the game that also includes speakers and LEDs in the building(AKA a creepy music box), the bundle also includes an exclusive metal game case, a creepy VHS cassette box, a bloody finger-shaped 4GB USB drive, an exclusive lithograph and a creepy note. The Resident Evil 7 collectors edition will be priced at 179.99$ and will release on January 24th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (collector edition will only release on console)


This is not the first time Capcom has released a bizarre collectable, they did release the chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube and PS2.