Resident Evil 2 remake is happening!

Thanks to plenty of fan support and demand, Capcom has officially pushed ahead an HD remake of 1998’s survival horror classic, Resident Evil 2. The announcement was made thanks to an official statement video on the series official Youtube Channel.¬†

“Thank you for your great support on this Resident Evil 2 Remake Project,” said Yoshiaki “H” Hirabayashi, who will be the producer on the remake at Capcom R&D Division 1. “Thanks to your incredible passion and support, the project has finally been approved for development!”

Back in July, the idea of the remake was finding support within Capcom, and shortly after Capcom requested fan feedback on if they should do the title. After an overwhelming reply, Hirabayashi presented the basic concept for the project to his boss. Capcom will be working with fan feedback in mind, and Hirabayashi stated that they will provide updates directly to the fans.

However, don’t expect to see any of those updates anytime soon. For now, the team is hard at work on the HD port of 2002’s Gamecube exclusive, Resident Evil 0. Capcom has seen a huge success with their Current Gen Ports, with Resident Evil Remake selling over 1 million copies worldwide.