Red Barrels start a new Kickstarter for Underscares.

Before I go further in this, I need to state that yes, this is a very Real Product!

If you’ve played the Outlast 2 demo, you’ve probably had the same reaction as most of us. In which it scared the $#!% out of you. Don’t worry, clearing your bowels when confronted by fear is a totally normal thing to do, at least that what I’ve been assured of by Outlast Creators Red Barrels.

Feeling like they need to take responsibility on this, Red Barrels created a new Kickstarter campaign for Underscares, the wearable Outlast 2 Adult diaper that will help you stay dry and comfortable while you get the $#!% scared out of you.

As I mentioned, this is indeed a real Kickstarter, with Red Barrels asking for $40,000 to fund the project. As an incentive, you’ll also be able to get the Steam Key for Outlast 2 and your own pair of Underscares at the $55 CAD tier.

If you missed the demo while it was available, you can check out our live-stream highlight in the video below! Kind of wish we had our own pair of Underscares for that stream.