Ransomware forces you to play a notoriously difficult game

Those who have been following news on viruses and malware has no doubt heard about Ransomware, a malicious hack that locks your computer down and forces a payment to regain access. The lucrative attacks have mainly targeted businesses but library’s, Police Departments and Hospitals have also seen their fair share of attacks and have suffered because of it.

Now we have a different type of Ransomware, one that forces you to show off some of your gaming skills to bring your computer back. The Ransomware was created by a bored undergraduate in Korea who set the hack to be lifted if players can earn “over 0.2 billion in LUNATIC level” on 2009’s Touhou Seirensen.

While fans of shoot’em ups would probably dive at the opportunity, Touhou Seirensen is near impossible to play thanks to its soul-crushing difficulty! You can see a video of the Bullet Hell in motion below.

The Ransomware (called Rensenware) Creator told Kotaku that he created it because he was bored and then uploaded it to GitHub before taking a nap. Upon waking, he found the joke program had been spreading and even had his own system infected and was not able to unlock it himself. He has since released a second piece of software to neutralize the program and has apologized as it was not intended to be released.