Rain World Review

AdultSwim is a name I look forward to seeing attached to things, whether it be The Eric Andre Show or the wonderful Rick And Morty, so when I see that they have gone the route of developing indie titles, I instantly jumped. Rain World is definitely a different kind of game, but it has charm and it plays almost like a 2D dark souls with a cute Cat/Slug protagonist.

The game starts itself off with a brief intro explaining that you are Slug Cat, a strange cat-like creature and a part of a family unit of other Slug Cats. Soon you get separated from your family and thus begins the journey to reunite yourself with your lost unit of chupacabra like beings. At the point of the game I have reached , this is all the information that you get for background , this is not for lack of trying to reach the end but more of how the game is so darn hard and unforgiving at times.

Aesthetically this game is pleasing to play and the ambience created is truly something to experience in full, each area seems different yet the same and introduces new game play mechanics you might not have thought of prior. Rain world is neither a bright nor vivid venture but at the same time it is haunting and gorgeous, similar to that of LIMBO .

Controlling the titular blob cat-like protagonist can feel awkward at first, this is mainly caused by the fact that the creature itself is almost physics based in the sense you do have control over Slug Cat, but not precise control. The game in 2D fashion allows the control of moving up , down, left and right.

I will say though that I have not progressed far into the game, but that is not for lack of trying or disinterest. The game sometimes feels hard, damn hard to the point where I felt the developers conspiring against me.  I died more times than any Souls game I have played combined. One instance was I was jumping from pole to pole trying to evade my enemies and get to a safe haven and when out of nowhere; WHAM, one of the god damn poles was a snake-like and it choked the life out of me, progress lost, drum roll and close curtains. This is one game where starting from your previous save point feels like punishment, since if you travelled a great distance without stumbling upon a safe room and suddenly got janked to hell by what I THOUGHT WAS A FRIENDLY POLE, you start all over again. Grass killed me at one point, GRASS.

All in all the game is fun , but difficulty and lack of a solid checkpoint system muddies the wonderful story I believe is buried beneath the bodies of my dead Slug Cats. For an indie, it looks the part but it walks the walk of despair and not the Souls-ish kind, more of a stubbing your toe on the same table over and over kind.

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