Quantum Break won’t be at E3

If there is one game that I was personally excited to see at E3 this year, it was Remedy’s Transmedia project, Quantum Break, A video game/TV Show cross that was exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One. With both Microsoft and Remedy being very quiet about the title, it seemed E3 would be the perfect place to start dropping information.

Sadly this won’t be the case as Remedy’s company chief creative officer Sam Lake stated that they will be skipping E3. The game will make an appearance at Gamescom, which start on August 5th. Same Lake made the announcement via a youtube video (above), in which he also mentioned that Remedy is turning 20 this year and is looking for a super fan to join them in celebrating in Finland.

Are you disapointed that Quantum Break won’t be showing up at E3? What’s your E3 predictions? Let us know what you think.