Quake turns 20 this week!


On June 22nd 1996, Quake was released By id Software, essentially the godfather of the First Person Shooter games for their two prior releases in the genres: Wolfenstein and Doom. When developing Quake the team at id developed a brand new engine that used real-time 3D rendering and also had support for 3D acceleration through OpenGL, and also one of the other important aspects that made Quake so amazing, was its soundtrack, which was composed by Trent Reznor(Nine Inch Nails).


With the success of Quake, the game has spawned Two Expansion packs, multiple sequels to the game have been released and also its own convention,  QuakeCon.


To Celebrate 20 years of Quake, MachineGames (Wolfenstein: The New Order ) are offering a brand new episode for the Quake for free!, so if you don’t own the original Quake well your in luck its on sale on Steam during the summer sale 3.24$ CDN or you can get the entire classic Quake collection for only 17.99$ CDN.


So this past week, I thought about my old PC that I had in 96, it had a Intel 486 DX2, a 500 MB HDD and 32 MB of Ram of awesomeness, and over the years I have had many great play troughs of one of the great FPS games and one of my favourite games ever Quake!