Quake Champions confirmed as Free-to-Play with a premium option

One of the major questions when Quake Champions was announced was “What is the Price?” Understandably so as the format of Video Games have changed since the release of Quake back in 96, and multiplayer arena shooters just are not that popular any more (with some exceptions).

Luckily, it seems that Id and Bethesda get that and have decided to make Quake Champions Free-To-Play, however the game will include a premium package which will allow you to unlock all the heroes in the game.

“At its core, it’s a free-to-play game,” Creative Director Tim Willits said, “with the option to buy the Champion Pack and just get in and play with all the Champions. There are a number of Quake players that just want to play their Quake, right? And they are familiar with the business model of our previous games, and they are totally fine. ‘I want to buy the game. I want to start playing. I want to have access to all the Champions.’

“But then we also understand that we want to get as many people into the game as possible, especially outside of North America and Western Europe, where we have a massive fan base. So we want to have the flexibility to have a free-to-play option for those people.”
While Champions will have their own special ability, these abilities are promised not to hinder players who only play the free-to-play option as all players will have access to weapons and maps. Free-to-Play players will also be able to use in-game currency to purchase other Champions for a limited amount of time.

“We do feel it’s more approachable,” Willits said, “and we feel that with our team game modes, and then especially our dual mode, that we can fill a hole that’s missing in esports today.

“We do have a really nice advantage, because lots and lots of the pro players got their start playing Quake. And yeah, they’re playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now and, Overwatch, but their first love is Quake. So we want to get that critical mass where you have enough players and then we want to … expand our competitive play, our league play as we move into late this year and next year.”

Sign-ups to Quake Champion’s Closed Beta are available now.