Psychonauts 2 goes to Fig for crowdfunding.

Do you remember the guy who stood up and cried when Shemune 3 was announced at E3? I channelled him when Psychonauts 2 was announced at The Game Awards. From gitty-tip-toed stomping of feet, to squealing like a preppy girl who saw a member of a boyband she liked, to out-right yelling out that I could kiss Tim Schafer.

Yeah, I’m overly excited about this.

Now Psychonauts 2 isn’t 100% announced as of yet, you see the team at Double Fine have taken to the new Crowdfunding source Fig in order to back the game and are looking for $3.3 Million Dollars to fund the game. The campaign will go on for 34 more days and as of this writing (about 2 hours after The Game Awards ended) the campaign is already 16% complete.

Double Fine is no stranger to Crowdfunding as Broken Age broke records and put Kickstarter on the map for Crowdfunding. Psychonauts 2 may just do that with Fig. If you want to help fund this game, then check out their page here.