PSPlus and Games with Gold October update

We stepped away from doing the PSPlus and Games for Gold updates for a while, moving them to our weekly podcasts while the crazy summer events were happening. But now that we’re cooling down for the Fall and Winter season, let’s heat things back up with the monthly debate of who is providing the better free games this month!


Microsoft had a great track record with the Games With Gold throughout the Summer, and while this month is noticeably slack, it still delivers some great games including the Xbox One titles Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, which despite it’s silly appearance is solid baseball simulator, and The Escapists, a survival/crafting game about escaping one of several prisons.


Xbox 360 owners (as well as those who been enjoying the Xbox One backwards compatibility) will also be getting MX vs ATV Reflex, and Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic survival game – I am Alive.

residentevilhdThis is the first month of the new price increase for Sony’s Playstation Plus, and while most of us were not to happy about the change, we all agreed it would be a step in the right direction if we started seeing some bigger titles for PSPlus. So far, it seems like we were right (for now) as PS4 users will be able to grab the Resident Evil HD Remake along with Platinum Game’s Transformers Devastation!



PS3 owners will also get Ubisoft’s From Dust, a god game in which you protect your villagers from harm using the elements, and Mad Riders, an off-road ATV game featuring 45 maps an 12 player online multiplayer. Both titles were decently praised when they were released.


Finally Vita owners will see some great story driven titles, with the graphic novel Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth~, and the depressing indie game Actual Sunlight.

What are your thoughts on the new games for your collection? Let us know in the comments!