PS4 to get Monster Hunter World Beta and Horizon DLC

If you’re like me and wondering what this Monster Hunter thing we’ve been hearing about after E3, you’re in luck because as long as you’re a PSPlus subscriber, we’ll finally get to try out Monster Hunter World before the game’s launch in January.

During the Playstation Showcase at the Paris Games Week yesterday, Capcom announced that they will be bringing a special beta to PS4 starting December 9th-12th 2017. The Beta will allow players to join up with other Hunters online and take on various quests to take down a variety of deadly monsters which Capcom tastefully described in their press release:

“Hunters participating in the beta can tackle the hungry Great Jagras, a scavenger capable of swallowing other monsters whole, or the fiery and territorial Anjanath, both of which roam the dense and complex eco-system within the Ancient Forest. For those feeling brave enough they can adventure to the desert land of the Wildspire Waste where the armored Barroth can be found lurking in the muddy waters, waiting to unleash its devastating charge attack.”

Monster Hunter World will also get a suitable cross over DLC with one of this year’s biggest titles, Horizon Zero Dawn, as players will be able to take on the like-ness of Aloy from head to toe, and a Machine costume for your Palico. The DLC will be available as part of a collaboration quest event in which players will be able to find special materials and forge it at the smithy. The exact time and availability will be announced at a later time.

Monster Hunter World is set to release on January 26th 2018, with a PC release on a later date.