Postal remake in the works for PC and PS4


1997’s over the top isometric shooter Postal is getting an HD remake under the name of Postal Redux, and is jumping to consoles for the first time ever later this year. The remake is being handled by the game’s original creators, Running with Scissors.

The original Postal game had your character (named “Postal Dude”) completing everyday task while handling crazed gunmen and civilians with increasingly over-the-top weapons. The game, and it’s 2003 FPS sequel Postal 2, has received mixed reviews from being highly praised to open disgust, and even outright banned in 14 countries, even coming close to being banned in the US.

“From the very beginning, it was our purpose to provide a game that presented violence as an absurdity and never as something realistic,” said Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi. “Running With Scissors has always expressed our belief that violence is best presented as a satirical element in gaming and not in the reality of the streets.”

The remake will also include a “Rampage Mode” in which players will be able to let out some rage, killing everything in their path to build up points.