Pokken Tournament getting removed from some Japanese Arcades


As a fan of both Fighting games and Pokemon, the upcoming Pokken Tournament from Bandai Namco and Nintendo sounds completely up my alley. That being said, it doesn’t seem to be doing well in Japanese Arcades as one of the more popular arcades, Fantasista Arcade in Kurashiki city in Okayama Prefecture, will be removing it from their selection.

In fact, the game is doing so poorly that Arcades are reporting that the game is “in the Red.” Meaning that the game is not making the money back that they spent on the costly arcade cabinets and controllers.  Meanwhile, comments on the game from Japanese players hasn’t been pleasant, with posts saying things like “only 10 characters, no boss, therefore it’s s**t,” or “boring,” or going as far as calling it “kusoge”, which nichegamer provided the translation as “a s**t game.”

Destructoid’s preview of the Arcade version of the game provided some insight to why the game might be unprofitable, mentioning that he was able to play for “45 minutes off of one credit” and that a “direct versus game between two cabinets can last up to five minutes.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the game performs when it launches on Wii U in spring of next year.