Pokemon the Movie: I choose You! coming to Theatres

The new Pokemon film which plants to retell the story of Ash and Pikachu in honor of the series 20th anniversary is coming to select theatres for two days thanks to a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Fathom Events.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! is an origin story highlighting Ash and Pikachu’s first meeting and their adventures as they search for the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. Along the way they encounter familiar faces and new trainers; Verity and Sorrel, and even a mysterious new Mythical Pokémon, Marshadow.

“As an origin story, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! is the perfect way for a new generation of Pokémon fans to experience the beginning of Ash and Pikachu’s friendship, and it offers longtime fans an exciting new look into the start of their epic adventures,” said Colin Palmer, vice president of marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “We’re excited to work with Fathom Events, whose expertise in unique theatrical event activations will offer families and fans the opportunity to come together and experience the excitement of Pokémon animation on the big screen.”

“Fathom Events is thrilled to work with The Pokémon Company International to bring Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! to the US and international event cinema markets,” Fathom Events CEO-elect Ray Nutt said. “We can’t wait to deliver a high-caliber Pokémon cinema event that fans around the world won’t want to miss.”

The film will be shown in theatres for two days only, Sunday November 5th and Monday November 6th 2017, in select international markets. More details including locations, showtimes and special offers will be available soon.