Pokemon Go will be released in July


During Nintendo’s E3 livestream, Nintendo gave a July launch window for the upcoming Pokemon AR game, Pokemon Go, which is being developed with Niantic Labs. The Augmented Reality game will have players catching Pokemon with their smartphones throughout their town/city, players will have the option for a programmed backgrounds that will contribute to a more traditional gaming experience or use their smartphone camera to have the Pokémon appear on the streets.

Nintendo gave more details about the game play as well, mentioning that the more Pokemon that the player catches and trains, the stronger the trainer becomes, allowing them to take on stronger and rarer Pokemon. When asked about Trading, Nintendo mentioned that this is a feature that they are working on however it will not be available until after launch.

While Pokemon Go will be free to play, there will be an additional device that can be used called Pokemon Go Plus, a wristwatch type device, that will allow people to play the game without taking out their phone. The device will be priced at $34.99, but will not be available when Pokemon Go launches in July.

Finally, Nintendo did mention that Pokemon Go will have some sort of connectivity to the upcoming Game Freak developed Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS title, however they did not expand on what exactly will happen.

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