Playstation 4 Update survey hints at PSN Name Change, Classic games


While we’re still marveling at the Playstation 4’s “Kenshin” update 3.0, Sony is apparently looking to next major update and sent out a survey to find out what fans want to see. That is at least according to a Forum post on NeoGAF.

The image post shows several oft-requested updates for the PS4, including the ability to change the PSN ID, make folders, hide or delete items from the system’s library, custom backgrounds, notifications when friends come online and allow you to play PSOne and PS2 Classics.

Sony also asked when we would like to see Update 4.0, ranging from before the end of 2015″ to “2017 or later,” so it’s hard to tell when we’ll actually see this major update occurring. The latest update, 3.0, was released in September and included several major features including sharing videos to Twitter and adding Youtube to the Broadcast list.