Persona 5 Delayed, new trailer out now, new Anime coming.

TGS has been great for finally giving us news on the upcoming Persona 5, which has been a roller coaster for fans. Starting with a brand new trailer, which showed off more gameplay including a new platforming mechanic, new combat, intriguing images of a tortured main character, and of course new shadows to fight. This excitment was cut short with the announcement that we won’t be playing the game until Summer of 2016 as the game had been delayed from it’s previous 2015 release window.

Atlus was kind enough to divulge some more details about the game’s story, which will focus on your nameless character whose profile indicates that he is a 16-year-old high school sophomore, and new in town. He is part of a team called “The Phantom Thieves” and is joined by classmate Ryuji, a noted troublemaker; An (or Anne), who is part-American and the subject of high school gossip; Morgana, Persona 5’s Cat-like Persona user. According to Atlus, while these 4 make up the core characters of the Phantom Thieves, we are likely to see other characters join their party.

On top of the game, Atlus also stated that Persona 5 will also see a new Anime as well. While no details about the Anime were given, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the RPG will be seeing an animation as Persona 4 had seen 26 episode anime series, along with a sequel to cover “Persona 4 Golden” content, and Persona 3 had been turned to a series of 4 movies.