Perception coming to Xbox One

The Deep End Games and publisher Feardemic have announced that their first person horror game, Perception, will be coming to Xbox One along side the PS4 and PC. The announcement was followed by a new trailer for the game which shows off one of the unique gameplay elements to the upcoming game.

In Perception, players take the role of Cassie, a blind woman, who must use her senses to navigate a mansion filled with traps, and an unknown force that sneaking around. Using echolocation, Cassie can use her cane as well as the sounds from the mansion in order to investigate and solve the mystery, however as much as you have to rely on sound, enemies are just as attracted to it.

“We didn’t want to leave Xbox One players in the dark—no pun intended—by supporting their console of choice,” said Bill Gardner, creative director at The Deep End Games. “We’re really excited that Xbox fans will be able to experience the unique world we’ve built in Perception.”

The Deep End features a solid development team including key members who worked on Dead Space and Bioshock, so you know that they’re going to bring something special to Perception. You can check out the trailer above.