PayDay 2 adds new Hotline Miami 2 content

Thanks to the Sony Spring Fever event, we now know that Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be released on March 10. For PC players who also have a copy of PayDay 2 will be able to pick up some extra goodies for PayDay if they pick up the new Hotline Miami, including some fuel for PayDay’s Hype Train promotion as long as they purchase Hotline Miami 2 before it’s March 10th release date.

Picking up the standard edition, players will unlock 6 masks based from Hotline Miami which include Richter the Rat, Jake the Snake, Alex the Swan, Tony the Tiger, Corey the Zebra, and Helmet. This will also add 5 gallons of fuel to the Hype Train event.

Picking up the digital special edition will earn you the Jacket character set (based on series protagonist/psycho killer) with all 6 masks and a bonus “Richard Returns” mask. Also included will be the Sociopath perk, Carpenter’s Delight hammer melee weapon, an SMG called Jacket’s Piece and 10 gallons of Hype Fuel.

If your in Austrailia where you cannot purchase the game due to disturbing scenes, you’ll still be able to join in the fun, as part of a QA on the Payday 2 site, the team had this to say.

“Those of you who are Australians are free to send an e-mail to with the subject line “Australian Heister calling in”. In the e-mail, please attach a scanned copy of your passport or ID that identifies you as an Australian. You will then be sent a special code that unlocks the content to you for free.”