PaRappa The Rapper, Patapon and LocoRoco coming to PS4


With the celebration of PaRappa The Rapper’s 20th anniversary coming up in a few days, Sony announced at the Playstation Experience that PaRappa will get be seeing a legitimate HD Remake with 4K and “other improvements” in 2017, and will joined by two awesome PSP classics, Patapon and LocoRoco.

During the conference, two of the “improvements” were mentioned which includes “a steady metronome for each song to help the player ‘feel’ when they need PaRappa to rap in response to each character,” and a “player icon that enlarges when a player presses any button during a song to help give visual feedback while they’re playing.”

No release date has been given for PaRappa’s return, however a demo has been released to keep you hyped until it comes out.