Paragon goes to Open Beta today!


Epic Games’ free to play MOBA shooter Paragon is now officially in Open Beta for both PS4 and PC. The team behind Paragon have been requently updating the game during the Early Access, adding a new hero/character every 3 weeks.

The latest of those characters, The Fey, is available now and is designed to easily bury the competition with fast attacks, trap placements and nature inspired special attacks.

Epic has designed the game to be completely free-to-play, allowing newcomers and veterans alike to learn the game on even grounds. Characters, Cards, taunts and specials are all available to be unlocked in game as players raise their Hero Level, moving them up to Master Challenges.

I’ve been playing Paragon on and off and can say it is definitely a game for MOBA fans, you can try out the game yourself by¬†downloading the game for PC and PlayStation 4, just head over to

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