Paragon announced as a new game from Epic

There are only a few developers that can make us excited with very little to no information about an upcoming game, and one of those Epic Games, the team behind the Unreal Tournament series and the upcoming Fortnite. Yesterday afternoon, Epic revealed that they are working on a brand new game for PC titled Paragon.

While not much was said about the project, Epic did reveal a small trailer showing off the character model of a hero named Twinblast, which was good enough to have been used to show off character rendering in the new Unreal 4.

According to the game’s website, Epic will be revealing more characters for the game up until December 3rd, the site listed the characters names as Steel, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux. Player characters will apparently have different abilities depending on what they choose to fight for glory, pride, fortune or infamy.

The game is stated as a PC exclusive for 2016, and we’ll keep you posted on any new update for the title.

We want to know, is there a company that you get instantly excited for releasing a new game? Let us know who in the comments.