Overwatch introduces Orisa – the 24th playable hero!

After some minimal teasing in compared to the Sombra update, Blizzard introduced today Orisa, the 24th playable Overwatch hero. Orisa is now playable in the Public Test Realm for those on PC right now.

Orisa is a ‘Mechanical Peacekeeper’ reprogrammed by 11-year-old Efi Oladele, who reprogrammed the damage OR-15 unit (Numbani’s updated version of the OR-14 Omnics that were used in the Omnic Crisis). In the small story trailer (see above) we’re given a small glimpse at Orisa’s personality and her relationship to Efi.

From what we know of the character from the PTR, Orisa is a tank based character and seems to be heavily focused on defensive moves, including the primary ability to create shields and an ultimate that allows her to boost the attack of the heroes around her.

There is no word on when Orisa will leave PTR to join the PC and Console crowds at the moment. We will update the story with further information when available.