OSVR HDK v2 Undercuts Vive & Rift

Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), is the VR platform backed by Razer and Sensics; and they have let it be known that their next iteration will not only be on par with the current VR leaders, but also significantly more affordable by being hundreds of dollars cheaper.



Unlike the competition with other industry leaders, OSVR allows for anyone with the know-how to help out with VR projects on Github.  Furthermore, they also don’t tie in developers to sales channels, exclusivity deals, or hardware limitations outside the minimum requirements.



The HDK 2 is equipped with a dual OLED display with a 2160×1200 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and 110-degree field of view. Razer states the custom designed lenses feature a diffusion film to reduce the “screen door” effect that’s sometimes seen in VR, which looks to be another great selling point.

Many of the sensors in the HDK 2 can be found in the Rift and Vive, along with compatibility for any VR hardware any and any PC compatible gamepad. Over all that, it also supports Unreal Engine 4, CyrEngine, and of course, both SteamVR and OSVR. Like the Rift and Vive, the HDK 2 must be tethered to a PC.



It’ll be interesting to see how this not only compares in practical testing; but also how Vive and Rift will respond with their respective platforms.