One Man’s Journey Into Fantasy – UnEpic



UnEpic is the story of a single man. A man who plays Dungeons and Dragons with his pals, and even though he is a bit of a jerk player, he gets transported into the cheap graphics of a side scrolling platform style game! Did I mention this happened while he was in mid piss stream? Oh yes, it is THAT style of game.

UnEpic is  a brain child of a single man, who had a dream to create a comedy version of all of the things we love. He took the entire RPG world (such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and mainly Castlevania) and turned it upside down.


Daniel, our hero, is infected with the soul of a demon upon his entrance to the castle. If this isn’t bad enough, the only way for the Demon to escape his body, is for Daniel to die. This causes plenty of hardship for Daniel as the Demon from that point on is trying to convince him to do things that will get him killed.

Our first experience of that is inside of a treasure room in the beginning of the game. If you start picking up the coins, you actually start losing health to the point that you die. Once resurrected (reload from last checkpoint), Daniel actually makes a joke about he can not stay dead, pissing off the Demon.


The game’s premise is to defeat the evil, find out why you were chosen to join this world, and in the end become the hero you know you can be! You can do this by clearing out the rooms of monsters, dodging the traps all throughout, figuring out the small puzzles, and work your way through the dungeon. It is a dungeon crawler, but one with an interesting story, and a nice mixture of comedy, and hints to other worldly objects.

He references Star Wars (calling himself a Sith), World of Warcraft (talking about Warlord Thrall and the Orc/Human war), and many other pieces of nerd history. It gives me a good reason to actually pay attention to the little details, as I may sometimes lose interest in them. This game kept my attention, which was a hard feat for such a basically done game.


The game play itself is very repetitive, basically just using the space bar to hit things in the near darkness. You light up the torches and candlesticks to show the actual dungeon itself, and try your best to use the different weapons they provide to survive as long as you possibly can.

Be prepared to die a few times, just from the sheer stupidity that this game can sometimes wit you with. Also, so you don’t waste your potions at inopportune times. Either way, the game is worth playing, but not really worth the 13$ price tag associated with it. The choice is completely up to you on this one!

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