Old Time Hockey hits the ice in March

Hockey, is there anything more Canadian? (Maybe This music video.) As much as we love the realistic Hockey games that EA has been monopolizing for so many years, our most fondest memories of playing video game Hockey goes back to the Arcade-style classics like Hit the Ice and Blades of Steel.

Now we have another Arcade Hockey game to the list with V7 Entertainment’s Old Time Hockey. Taking us back to the days of NHL 94 and mixing in some classic Arcade Sports action including bench clearing brawls, hard-hitting body checks, and all the fast pace action and moustaches we would come to expect from 70’s era Hockey.

One of the major highlights of the game is its controls, V7 teased several ways to play the game including old-school Blades of Steel 2 button configuration, a more modern control scheme or the one-handed “Beer Mode” which we can see ourselves using a lot. Old Time Hockey will also have a story mode where you’ll be able to take the worst team of the Bush Hockey League to the championships.

Old Time Hockey is set for a March 28th release on PC and PS4, with a Xbox One release in Q2 2017 and a Switch release (Editors Note: The JoyCons controllers sound like they would be perfect for the previously mentioned Beer Mode) in the near future. In the meantime, check out the hard-hitting action in the trailer above!