NIS and Spike Chunsoft team-up for “Grand Kingdom”

NIS America has built a name on strategy RPG’s thanks to the Disgaea series, which recently saw the release of the 5th game in the main series (14th title overall) to great reviews. This time, they’re teaming up once again with Spike Chunsoft, creators of the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series, for a brand new strategy RPG called Grand Kingdom

While not much has been said about the title, we do know that Grand Kingdom will feature 4 Nations fighting for control of their continent with players choosing Mercenaries to fight for their causes. A teaser trailer was released to highlight some beautiful 2D artwork, some of the characters you may help or hinder and some of the mercenary types you’ll be able to use.

Grand Kingdom is currently set for a Summer release in both North America and Europe for PS4 and Vita. You can see the teaser above and some screenshots below.