Nintendo holding a Switch event on January 13th

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch just months away now, we still don’t know everything we want to from the upcoming console. Luckily, Nintendo will be holding a special Switch event which will air at 11 p.m. ET on January 12th from Tokyo. Here we are likely to learn the release date, price and the launch titles we can expect for the upcoming console.

After that on January 13, Nintendo of America also promises “an in-depth look at upcoming games featured in the Nintendo Switch Presentation.” It is unsure at this time whether this will be a look at the launch titles for North America or if it will be titles that will be coming further down the line. You’ll be able to catch the stream via Nintendo’s Youtube or Twitch channels.

The Nintendo Switch is currently marked for a March release, with many people speculating the launch titles including the new Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls and the possibility of Mother 3.