Nihilo Machina – The Last Messiah – Music Review

The Last Messiah


If you need any more proof that the Atlantic provinces is even more musically diverse than you imagined, then I’d like to submit Nihilo Machina as evidence. A two-man Black/Progressive metal band from Miramichi consisting of James McClafferty (Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keys) and Matt Morris (Guitars). The band was formed in 2014 and their first album, The Last Messiah, was released on September 28, 2015.

Sound the album

This album is a good mix of Black metal with some Melodic/progressive metal meshed in within the album for good measure. The tones and the feeling of the album was very dark, heavy and sinister, it made the album feel very powerful and awesome. The sound of the album from vocal and the instruments are very similar to other black metal bands such as Cradle of Filth, but there are some parts of songs that are similar to bands such as Dream Theater, Slipknot and other metal bands which is awesome

Songs from the album

The Last Messiah features 10 songs and there are several that really stand out in the album, including Riverrun, The Last Messiah,  Disillusions, Pendulum of Apathy, and Deus Ex Nihilo Machina. Each track has a progressive feel, almost telling a story with the instruments and adding the raspy Death Metal vocals which makes the songs epic.

End remarks

Admittingly, I’m not a super big fan of black metal, however I was impressed with the quality and the musicianship of the album, The Last Messiah is an epic debut album that is great for Black Metal fans. If you want to check out this awesome black metal band for yourself, then check out their Bandcamp.