Night Trap 25 anniversary edition out later this month

One of two games that were notorious for creating the system that we now know as the ESRB back in the 90’s, Night Trap is celebrating its 25th anniversary by launching on PS4 and Steam. The game will see a physical release for PS4 first on Aug. 11th, followed up for the digital release on both console and PC via Steam on Aug. 15th.

The Physical release comes from Limited Run Games and features the cover art of the original Sega CD release. Both a Standard and Collector’s Edition is listed as “coming soon” on the retailer’s website but it does show that the collector’s comes with a cassette tape of the game’s theme, a patch and a poster.

The original was released for the Sega CD and is one of the first Full Motion Video (FMV) games. Retailers pulled the game from shelves not long after launch due to its content which involved spying on a slumber party while protecting the guest from vampire like creatures stalking the halls of the house.

The 25th anniversary will feature a behind-the-scenes documentary, deleted scenes and a theatre mode allowing you to watch the game without worrying about playing the game. An Xbox One version has also been confirmed however at this time there is no release date.