New Warhammer End Times: Vermintide DLC Schluesselschloss is a ridiculous name


Developer Fatshark has announced that the first piece of paid and free DLC for the First Person brawler: Warhammer End Times: Vermintide, is well on it’s way. The paid DLC is currently titled Schluesselschloss while the Free DLC adds a new game mode called Last Stand.

Not much is known about Schluesselschloss at this time, with the exception that the DLC will add a new location outside of the city of Ubersreik into the forest and Grey Mountains. Players who purchase the DLC can invite their friends to join in regardless if they have the DLC or not in an attempt to not split the community.

The Last Stand DLC will add a new level within Ubersreik, in which the 4 player team will fight off hoards of the giant rat-like Skaven until the death.

The team at Fatshark are aware that the Schluesselschloss name is pretty ridiculous and hard to pronounce, so the team has opened up a special contest at, in which the best 100 names for the DLC will get it for free.

The DLC is said to be released by the end of February 2016.