New Warhammer End Times announced, FPS for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Developer Fatshark Games (Escape Dead Island) has announced that they will be creating a new First Person Shooter based in the Warhammer Fantasy universe titled Warhammer: End Time – Vermintide. The game will be a First Person Co-op Shooter with melee mechanics.

Vermintide is set to have 5 playable characters with unique abilities, equipment and personality as they fight the Rat-like Skaven in the city of Ubersreik. The game is set to The End Times expansion of Warhammer Fantasy which was supposed to be a playable Armageddon for Warhammer Campaigners. Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund stated that they will stay true to the lore by including familiar foes and locations.

This has been an interesting year for Warhammer with several titles based on the Warhammer Universe has been announced, most notably being the introduction of Total War: Warhammer from Creative Assembly.