Neptune and Noire guest star in Gun Gun Pixies

While the Vita hasn’t received a lot of love in North America, Japan has been delivering some great exclusives that you’re sure to remember, even if it’s just because you found yourself yelling “What the **** did I just play” over and over again. (See our Gun*Gal review)

One such title is Gun Gun Pixies, a new title from Compile Heart, the creators of the Hyperdimension Neptunia/Neptune series. The premise focuses on Pixies who must defeat aliens who are taking over girls bodies by shooting them with “Happy Bullets!” This involves fighting giant opponents (the possessed girls in the dormitory) that looks reminiscent of the Earth Defense Force series, only with destructible clothing (of course) and lewd potions.

The game is set to release on Vita on April 27th 2017, but as a bonus incentive for players ready to take on giant possessed girls, you’ll be able to find Neptune and Noire from the already mentioned Neptunia series as members of the dormitory.

No word has been given on if we’re going to see a North American release, but considering the success of Gal*Gun and the Neptunia series as a whole, we can remain hopeful.

You can check out the gallery for Gun Gun Pixies below.

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