Murder Mystery “D4” coming to PC


D4 (or Dark Dreams Don’t Die) was a strange game for the Xbox One, which means we absolutely adored it. Now it’s going to get better with a PC release, which will remove the Kinect features in favour for classic Mouse and Keyboard controls.

Access games and the game’s director Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro revealed the port in an interview with Polygon. “Currently there’s a larger userbase on the PC compared to certain consoles,” Swery said, “I thought that by bringing Season One to PC, it would help expand the D4 franchise, allowing it to become bigger and go on for a longer period of time.”

The port comes thanks to a flood of support and requests for a PC version via Facebook and Twitter. “I think seeing that is what brought me to my decision. I have no choice but to make a PC version now!”

Despite being funded and published by Microsoft for the Xbox One version, Access games has full ownership of the D4 IP, something that the team did not have for their previous cult classic Deadly Premonition. The PC release of D4 will include all of the Season one content, included the game’s 3 episodes which are available now on Xbox One. No release date has been set at this moment.