Mortal Kombat X season two content brings in Leatherface, Xenomorph

It looks like our predictions were thankfully incorrect.

The next wave of Mortal Kombat X DLC characters will feature two more horror movie icons and two more new Mortal Kombat characters.  The Mortal Kombat fighters include the drunken monk Bo’Rai Cho, and a triple threat of Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke.

Of the horror icons, Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leather Face will be branishing his chainsaw on the fighters. And while we may not get the Freddy vs Jason Kombat that we were expecting, we’ll at least see an Alien vs Predator fight, as the Xenomorph will be entering the battle. Interesting enough, the Xenomorph will be a Tarkatan Hybrid, complete with arm blades.

MKX Kombat Pack 2 has been given a release window of 2016, and the game itself won best fighting game of the year at The Game Awards.