Monster Hunter Stories announced for the 3DS

Capcom has announced a new Monster Hunter title for the 3DS currently set to launch in 2016 in Japan. The new Monster Hunter, titled Monster Hunter Stories, looks to take a different approach to the series.

A trailer was released which shows a young hunter and his Felyne companion stealing an egg from a Tigrex, which proceeds to chase them down until a friendly miniature Rathalos helps out. The trailer shows off the new cartoon art-style, suggesting that the Stories will feature a bit more humour and will be more family oriented then it’s previous iterations.

There are no announcement for a North American or Europe release as of yet, and several rumours have popped up suggesting that Platinum Games or Level-5 may have helped developed the game, however we stress that these are rumours at this time and Capcom has yet to confirm any of this. We’ll definitely keep you up to date on the title as we get more news.